How To Choose The Best Probate Real Estate Agent

Join in this eye-opening video and article, as I unravel the truth about certified probate specialists. Say goodbye to marketing gimmicks, and let me guide you through choosing the finest probate real estate agent.

Ask Questions

What questions should you be asking a real estate agent who specializes in trust, probate, and conservatorships real estate sales?


What role do certifications and mentorship play in the training of realtors who sell real estate requiring court confirmation?

Common Mistakes

What are some of the most common misconceptions and mistakes most agents make when selling probate real estate?

It Takes A Village

Real estate transactions are complex and require the help of many different professionals in order to see things through to completion. It is important to ask any realtor you are considering working with who they work with and why.


What attorneys can I talk to who would have a favorable opinion of working with you?

Get Ready

Can you assist with the clearing and cleaning of the property prior to the sale?


Vacant properties are often the subject of trespassing and vandalism. How do we prevent that?

Go Beyond

What is your preferred escrow company? What is your preferred title company?

Services That Go Beyond The Sale

It is important to understand what services your realtor can assist with and what other professionals they can recommend for estate sales, junk removal, clearing, and securing the property. 


How do you interview a probate realtor?

How do you interview a probate realtor?

What questions should you ask? Let me tell you what you should not ask. 99% of the videos and websites out there encourage you to ask trick questions.

  • How long should the list agreement be?
  • How much do I need to sell the property in relation to the probate referee appraisal?
  • What’s the standard deposit in Los Angeles County for a court confirmed sale?

If your agent doesn’t know the answer to any of these questions, run for the hills. But what if the agent does? Does that mean they’re any good? No, not at all. All it means is that they took a course and memorized a few things.

Now, let’s talk about what you should actually ask any realtor before entrusting them with a trust or probate real estate sale.

1. Who was your mentor? Who did you learn probate from?

2. What attorneys can I talk to who would have a favorable opinion of working with you?

3. Who is your preferred escrow officer? Do they do a lot of probate?

4. Who is your preferred title company and why?

5. Should I fix the house or sell as it is? I have a video just about that.

6. can you assist with the clearing and cleaning?

7. Can you help me secure the property if it is vacant?

One more thing, don’t forget this: you get what you pay for. When you go in for heart surgery, don’t ask which doctor is the cheapest. Real estate is one of the most important assets anyone can own. Make sure you entrust it to someone who can deliver the service you deserve.

The probate code was written to protect those who can no longer speak for themselves, make sure your agent understands that.

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