Debunking Five Estate Planning Myths.

Estate planning, a crucial aspect of securing your legacy, is often misunderstood and overlooked. In a recent episode of the Probate Realtor Show, estate planning expert Krista Hermance shared invaluable insights, debunking common misconceptions. In this article, we will delve into the key takeaways from Krista’s discussion, shedding light on the importance of estate planning and addressing prevalent objections.

1. The Myth: “I’m Too Young for Estate Planning”

Many young adults believe estate planning is only for the elderly or the ultra-wealthy. However, Krista highlighted the importance of planning for emergencies, especially for college students living away from home. Without proper documents, parents might be locked out of vital decisions during emergencies, emphasizing the need for early planning.

2. The Myth: “I Don’t Have Enough Assets for Estate Planning”

Some individuals assume that owning just a home doesn’t warrant estate planning. Krista debunked this by explaining the hidden costs of probate. Even a single property, if not protected by a trust, could incur substantial fees during probate. With Southern California’s soaring home prices, even a modest residence can result in significant probate expenses.

3. The Myth: “Estate Planning is Too Expensive”

Estate planning is often perceived as a luxury reserved for the wealthy. Krista dispelled this notion by showcasing the potential costs of neglecting estate planning. She highlighted how a modest estate without planning could lead to exorbitant probate expenses, far surpassing the cost of setting up a trust. Moreover, she emphasized that estate planning isn’t just about death; it’s also vital for preparing for potential illnesses or incapacitation.

4. The Myth: “I Don’t Trust My Family to Execute My Wishes”

Distrust within families can deter individuals from planning their estates. Krista addressed this concern by introducing the concept of professional fiduciaries. These professionals can step in if family members aren’t trusted to handle the estate. While this might entail additional costs, the peace of mind and assurance that your wishes will be respected outweigh the expenses.

5. The Myth: “My Beneficiary Will Handle Everything”

Assuming a family member will manage assets after one’s passing can lead to complications. Krista explained that without clear instructions, even the most well-meaning family members could face challenges. For instance, naming a sibling as the beneficiary without specifying how assets should be managed for minor children can result in confusion and potential misuse of funds.


Krista Hermance’s expertise shines a light on the importance of estate planning, dispelling common myths that often prevent individuals from taking this essential step. Regardless of age or asset value, having a well-structured estate plan ensures that your wishes are respected, and your loved ones are spared unnecessary burdens. By understanding these key insights, you can embark on the path of comprehensive estate planning, securing your legacy and providing for your family’s future.

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“Revocable living trust, power of attorney, or advance healthcare directive can be changed anytime. Having something in writing is better than having nothing at all because then at least the court knows what your wishes are.”

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