How To Do An Estate Sale After Death

In the world of estate planning, navigating through the process of estate sales and cleanouts can be a daunting task. In this interview, we sit down with Dina Braverman, a professional organizer and expert in estate sales, cleanouts, and organizing services. Dina brings a wealth of experience and valuable insights into helping individuals and families efficiently manage their estate assets. Join us as we explore her expertise and learn about the intricacies of her profession.

Estate sale after death Dina Braverman

Section 1: Setting Realistic Expectations

  • Managing Expectations: Dina emphasizes the importance of starting the estate sales and cleanout process with a comprehensive walkthrough of the property. Her primary goal is to manage her clients’ expectations regarding the value of the estate’s contents.
  • Quantity and Quality: Dina explains that for a successful estate sale, there must be a sufficient quantity and variety of items, ranging from everyday household items to valuable collectibles.
  • What Stays and What Goes: Before conducting a property walkthrough, Dina advises clients to decide which items they want to keep personally, ensuring a clear picture of what remains for the estate sale or cleanout.

Section 2: Valuing Estate Assets

  • Expertise Matters: Dina’s extensive experience allows her to assess the value of items accurately. However, she acknowledges that sometimes, expert appraisals or external resources are needed to determine the worth of specific items.
  • Reserve Pricing: While buyers and sellers do not dictate prices, clients can set reserve prices for valuable items, ensuring they receive a minimum amount if the item sells at the estate sale.

Section 3: Handling Personal Belongings

  • Preserving Sentimental Items: Dina explains that family photos and sentimental items are carefully set aside during estate sales, allowing family members to decide their fate.
  • Documentation Protection: Any important paperwork or documents are removed from the property before any sale or cleanout process begins, ensuring their safety and proper handling.
Estate sale after death

Section 4: Efficient Post-Sale Procedures

  • Donations: Dina shares that after an estate sale, any remaining items are typically donated whenever possible. She elaborates on the criteria for donation and the responsible recycling process.
  • Timely Clear-Out: Dina’s efficient team completes the donation and trash removal process within one day, maintaining a swift and organized workflow.

Section 5: Streamlining the Process

  • Timeline for Estate Sales and Cleanouts: Depending on the client’s needs, Dina works with a timeline of seven to ten days for estate sales and cleanouts. This allows for efficient coordination and execution.
  • Working with Other Professionals: Dina also emphasizes the importance of collaborating with other professionals, such as movers and toxic waste disposal experts, ensuring a seamless process for clients.

Section 6: Comprehensive Organizing Services

  • Beyond Estate Sales: Dina’s organizing services extend beyond estate sales and cleanouts. She helps clients declutter and optimize their living spaces, streamlining their homes for improved efficiency.
  • Ongoing Support: Organizing isn’t a one-time task; Dina encourages clients to maintain their organized spaces. She offers maintenance programs for long-term support, ensuring that organized systems remain in place.

Conclusion: Dina Braverman’s wealth of experience and comprehensive approach to estate sales, cleanouts, and organizing services offers individuals and families the peace of mind they need during challenging times. Her dedication to managing expectations, valuing estate assets, and streamlining the process showcases her commitment to her clients’ well-being. Whether you’re downsizing, planning an estate sale, or simply seeking better organization, Dina Braverman is a trusted expert to turn to.

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“It’s important to decide early what you want to keep, what you want to donate, and what you want to sell. We facilitate everything but can’t read your mind.”

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